provides the Shop and is also the parent company of ORB™ and THE LYONS KINGOM INC. 


Available in the Shop is Artwork, Merchandise and “THE HOUSE FOREVER WINS”. Merchandise is created from the Artwork which is inspired by “THE HOUSE FOREVER WINS” a financial literacy book written by its founder Jamel C. Lyons. 


Consulting is the complete package which includes a copy of “THE HOUSE FOREVER WINS”, Analyze, Strategize and Monetize. In Analyze the client gets their financial data properly gathered, organized and calculated in order to be ready for Strategize.  Set goals, write a business plan, design a logo with style guide and web/application development is done for the client in Strategize. Monetize consist of providing options based on Strategize to the client for Financial Services using ORB™. 


ORB™ is the holistic approach to learning, managing and investing your own money available as a web, iOS and android application. 


THE LYONS KINGDOM INC is an investment holding company managed by ORB™ that invests in dividend paying stocks, commercial real estate and businesses.