THE 7 OF DIAMONDS is the doing business as name of J.C. LYONS ENTERPRISES LLC formed June 6, 2010 in the State of New York. THE 7 OF DIAMONDS is the parent company of ORB™ and THE LYONS KINGDOM INC. THE 7 OF DIAMONDS is designed to inspire, inform and improve forever with Consulting as well as “THE HOUSE FOREVER WINS”, How to manage finances, Artwork and Merchandise available in the SHOP.

Consulting includes Analyze, Strategize, Monetize, a copy of the book “THE HOUSE FOREVER WINS”, Artwork and Merchandise with a Minimum Retainer Fee of $4,800 for a month. In order to Analyze the financial data must be properly gathered, organized and calculated there is a Minimum Retainer Fee of $240 for one day. Strategize requires a Minimum Retainer Fee of $1,200 for a week to set goals, then write a business plan, design a logo and create a style guide. In the event time expires on the Minimum Retainer Fee it will be billed hourly from that point on for services rendered. Monetize consist of providing options for Financing, Commercial Real Estate, Business Insurance and Business Broker services.

THE HOUSE FOREVER WINS is an informative financial book written by its founder Jamel C. Lyons. How to manage finances is a course and Present subchapter titled solution from THE HOUSE FOREVER WINS. The Merchandise is created from the Artwork which is inspired by “THE HOUSE FOREVER WINS”.