INSPIRE, INFORM & IMPROVE FOREVER is the publisher of THE HOUSE FOREVER WINS and parent company to ORB. is the doing business name of J.C. LYONS ENTERPRISES LLC formed June 16, 2010 with the New York State Department of Corporations. J.C. LYONS ENTERPRISES LLC was founded by Jamel C. Lyons with the mission to inspire people by informing them on the financial system and how it may improve forever.

THE HOUSE FOREVER WINS is a book/game with a holistic approach to learning how to manage and invest money by breaking down the financial system into three chapters Past, Present & Future.

ORB is the Future of financial systems with a holistic approach to learning, managing and investing money available on multiple platforms.


ORB users can purchase THE HOUSE FOREVER WINS as well as merchandise.


ORB users can choose to use our Consulting Services and/or manage their own money saving only to the cloud service of their choice organized into the following:

Banking – Send, receive and keep track of money using private immutable blockchains to record their transactions.

Finance – Find financing. Calculate Total Debt using information provided by major credit bureaus.

Real Estate – Calculate the total real property value.

Insurance – Choose from the life, home, renters, auto and business insurance options. Calculate total insurance coverage.

Paper Assets – Calculate total Current Market Value (CMV).

Tangible Assets – Calculate total net equity.


ORB users can choose to invest their money themselves into the following:

Real Estate – Purchase residential and commercial real estate.

Paper Assets – Invest in stocks, bonds, liens, and notes.

Tangible Assets – Acquire investment properties, businesses and etc.