IMPROVE one client at a time.


A holistic approach to CONSULTING including Banking, Finance, Communications, Logistics, Real Estate and Investments.


CONSULTING services will begin with Real EstateInvestments, Finance, Logistics, Communications and ending with Banking. The following licenses, permits and certifications are required in the order listed below.

  1. Real Estate Broker License
  2. Business Broker Permit
  3. Property Management Permit
  4. Mortgage Loan Originator
  5. Mortgage Broker License
  6. Mortgage Banker License
  7. Insurance Broker License
  8. Series 66 License
  9. Series 7 License
  10. Series 24 License
  11. Certified Public Accountant
  12. Certified Financial Planner


The Total Cost is made up of the licenses, permits and certifications needed to IMPROVE. A portion of the revenue is reinvested in the APPS section.